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Just like any other software, AOL Desktop Gold is also a very helpful software to secure your online activities. If you want to experience more faster and secure activities then Install AOL Desktop Gold. Its provides more secure version.

AOL Desktop Gold offers more unique features for customer's protection. By downloading AOL Desktop Gold, a user can avail following features:

1- A two-step verification process will help users from any internal or external threat.
2- Most importantly it is easily accessible or you can say user-friendly
3- The advance feature will automatically detect and update the software.
4- As the AOL Server stores all the user data, it is imported from the last used version . A user just need to run import wizard, if it does not run automatically.


Systems Require to Download AOL Desktop Gold:
1- The AOL Gold can be operated in Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10
2- Fast Internet Connection
3- 266 MHz or a fast computer processor
4- Screen resolutions should be 1024 x 768 or higher


How To Download AOL Desktop Gold?

The Process to download AOL gold is not a tough task, simply follow these:

1- For a Premium Member-

a) Sing in in to the 'My Benefits Page'
b) On the 'All Products' Page you will find 'AOL Desktop Gold' icon, click on it
c) Following the guidelines complete the entire steps.

2- For Trial offer or AOL Gold Subscription user-
a) Sign-in to My account page.
b) Click on MY Services where you will find subscription options
c) Under the AOL Desktop Gold Option, click get started option.
d) Complete the remaining steps as instructed.

3- Using The Link In The Official AOL-
a) Find the email sent by AOL with subject to ‘Get Started with AOL Desktop Gold’.
b) Open and click on Download AOL Desktop Gold or Update Now
c) Get the download folder and click save.
d) Complete the further steps.

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